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Online papers

On this page you can find references to the online versions of some of my papers and conference presentations. In some cases the papers have been slightly updated to incorporate information that became available after the original publication date. Also in some papers, extra pictures have been added. For a full list of publications, see my Publications page.

Note: some of these publications are available in PDF format. See the Downloadable papers page.

Contact me if you want more information about those papers.

An experiment in two-way communication in Orcinus orca L. (1982)
Originally published in: Aquatic Mammals 9.3: 69-82
A biological approach to dolphinarium purification: I. Theoretical aspects. (1987)
Originally published in: Aquatic Mammals 13.3: 83-92
A biological approach to dolphinarium water purification: II. A practical application: The Delfinaario in Tampere, Finland. (1988)
Originally published in: Aquatic Mammals 14.3: 92-106
Werken met dolfijnen - Een uitdaging! (1988)
Originally published in: De Harpij 7.4: 6-8
(English version)
The seal epidemic in Europe and its consequences. (1990)
Originally published in: Soundings 15.1: 5
Wild in the wild - Wilde dolfijnen in Europa (1991)
Originally published in:Duiken 9: 52-53 (Photos added, in Dutch only)
A friendly dolphin in Norway (1992)
Originally published in: Soundings 17.1: 28 (Photos added)
Seal rehabilitation in the Netherlands: past, present and future. (1996)
Originally pubished in: Soundings 21(3): 16-17
A Survival guide to survival rates (1997)
Presented at the 24th Annual Conference of IMATA (November 3-8, 1996), Gold Coast, Australia and in the form published here at the 25th Annual Symposium of the EAAM (March 14-17, 1997), Duisburg, Germany.
A formal version has been published in Marine Mammals: Public Display and Research 3(1): 27-38.
Cetacean releases (1999)
This is an updated compilation of articles on releases, written for the E.A.A.M. Newsletter between 1996 and 1999.

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