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The Dolphin FAQ

(the FAQ for the alt.animals.dolphins newsgroup)

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This page provides access to the original FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions list) for the alt.animal.dolphins newsgroup. (If your Internet Service Provider does not carry the alt.animals.dolphins newsgroup, check the newsgroup archive on This FAQ is posted on the newsgroup every 30 days. The FAQ is also cross-posted to the general information newsgroups news.answers and alt.answers. If you have any questions for or about the FAQ, mail me. Please acknowledge the Dolphin FAQ's copyright: © 1997-2001, Jaap van der Toorn

The FAQ consists of 3 files and an index, covering a range of dolphin related questions. They are posted to the newsgroups as plain-text files. From here you can access both the text version and the web-enabled version of the same files.

Dolphin FAQ Index (plain-text version)
Table of contents of the Dolphin FAQ.
Dolphin FAQ (1/3) (plain-text version)
Part 1: About the alt.animals.dolphins newsgroup and general dolphin biology questions. (Illustrated and more detailed information about dolphin biology can be found on the dolphin basics page. For more background on dolphin life expectancy and survival rates, see my online paper "A Survival Guide to Survival Rates".)
Dolphin FAQ (2/3) (plain-text version)
Part 2: Dolphin Internet resources and whale and dolphin taxonomy related questions. (See also the whale and dolphin taxonomy section on these pages.)
Dolphin FAQ (3/3) (plain-text version)
Part 3: Addresses: internships, swim-with-dolphins programs, whale watching groups, dolphin assisted therapy organisations and whale and dolphin adoption programs.

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